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Rocha Marques was founded in Curitiba, capital of the State of Paraná, in 1995 to advise computer and automation companies of all sizes to qualify for and ensure tax incentives under the Information Technology Law.

Given our extensive experience with Law 8248, we have expanded the consulting services to other incentives and subsidies, such as Law 11.196/05, also known as Lei do Bem, Rota 2030, PADIS, and fundraising for R,D&I projects, with our clients in mind.

Today, besides our premises in Curitiba, State of Paraná, we have offices in Campinas, State of São Paulo, and Manaus, State of Amazon, adding our experience of more than 27 years to our presence within the innovation ecosystem, offering our clients a strategic insight of tax incentives.

Tax Incentives

Tax reduction opportunities through federal tax incentive laws for research, development, and innovation

COMPUTER LAW Manufacturers of IT, communication, and automation equipment and devices can claim financial support through investments in research, development, and innovation – R,D&I.

COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY LAW – MANAUS companies established in the Western Amazon or in Amapá and manufacturers of information technology, communication, and automation equipment investing in research, development, and innovation R,D&I are exempt from IPI on sales of products eligible under the Law and can also benefit from reductions in the Industrial Tax (II) rate on the purchase of inputs.

LAW 11.196/05 – known as Lei do Bem allows companies to have a financial gain of up to 34% on their investments in technological innovation.

ROTA 2030 – companies in the automotive industry can accrue financial gains from the Rota 2030 Program.

PADIS – Set of tax incentives aimed at the areas of semiconductor components or devices, including solar cells and modules/panels, inputs, and equipment dedicated to and intended for the manufacture of semiconductor electronic components or devices, as well as information displays.


Funding opportunities for implementation, industrial expansion and research, development, and technological innovation projects.

ROCHA MARQUES is specialized in developing projects with a focus on fundraising through agents such as FINEP, BRDE, and BNDES.

We advise companies that need resources to develop R,D&I projects or for industrial implementation or expansion.


Financing options for the acquisition of machinery and equipment registered within BNDES.

FINAME – registration within FINAME is a competitive advantage in sales of machinery and equipment. This means that your customer can buy, through a bank accredited by BNDES, machines or equipment you sell with subsidized interest rates fees, grace period, and payment terms different from those practiced in the market as long as they are registered within FINAME.

Consultancy for ICTs and Universities

An opportunity to bring academic knowledge closer to the company's needs, within a virtuous circle

The accreditation from CATI the Committee for the IT Area is required for TIC’s and Universities to develop projects in partnership with companies eligible under IT Law 8.248/91,

Rocha Marques will prepare the application for the CATI accreditation.

Likewise, for the development of projects in partnership with companies eligible under the Information Technology Law 8.387/91, the accreditation from CAPDA Committee for Research and Development Activities in the Amazon is also required.

Rocha Marques will prepare the application for the CAPDA accreditation.

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